I’ve been debating with myself all week if I should go to the Women’s March tomorrow (I’m based in SF, btw).

It’s an important, historical event, and I want to show my support and solidarity for all of the amazing women in my life (The Establishment crew, you know you’re included in that).

But I also don’t have a group of women to go with and I would hate to make anyone feel weird about a solo white guy showing up. This is not about me. I also just hate large crowds and avoid them at all costs (I honestly don’t even go to Pride anymore).

I was describing this struggle to my co-workers and one of them won’t be in a city where there is a march, but she’s still going to walk in solidarity — alone.

I love the idea and will be doing the same. Right there with y’all, but on some other streets in another part of town. And if you’re also in a place without a march, I hope you join me and walk.



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