And other thought experiments from three imaginative artists

Fanny Luor

Evolution may not change human bodies very much in the next century, but you never know what new technology we’ll create that will change the way we look, move, and interact with each other. As part of our monthly magazine, Future Human, we allowed several illustrators each week to run…


A little or a lot, depending where you’re coming from

Illustration by Kouzou Sakai

When confronted with my own future in five or 10 years, I’m overwhelmed with trying to picture where I’ll be or what I’ll look like (after all, I just randomly shaved my head last week). When confronted with the question of what humanity will look like in 100 years, I…

Sometimes I like to spy on your computer screen because everything you’re looking at is so pretty.

I hope that’s only a little bit creepy.



It’s the end of July and this Friday we have four stories that explore how space (both physical and digital) affects education. And because it’s the weekend we have one video just for fun!

Alex Vikmanis

Director, Editorial Operations @ Medium

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